My husband brought one of Vinnie's Cane  Corsos home the first week of October. "Mouse" instantly became one of the family from the moment he came home.  He will be seven months old this month and he is so big that his head now can rest on the kitchen table. Our kids call him Clifford and Marmaduke because he is a big mush. When we take him to the pet store he is a ham and wants to shake every one's hand that comes over to pet him. We have three teenage girls and my niece and nephew (toddlers) who visit often. Mouse is not only great with kids, he is also not the only animal in the house. We have a mini-doxie, a bichon/shih-tzu and two cats and he is friends with them all. I had read online that Cane Corso's personalities were indifferent and would never be as affectionate as dogs such as a Labrador retrievers. Vinnie's dogs prove that wrong because I had labs growing up and Mouse is just as affectionate as they were. He wakes us up each morning with kisses and always looks for a belly rub.  When my kids get home from school I walk him to the bus stop so that he can greet them with kisses. From the park to the pet store, Mouse attracts attention and absolutely loves every minute of it. 
Although Mouse is a big baby he is also  a terrific guard dog. He protects the home and takes it seriously. He is interesting to watch his behavior as I have never seen anything like it. He will roam the property watching and listening to every little thing. He can hear or smell something from far away and knows when there is a possible danger present. One evening my husband and I went out and the teenagers were home with Mouse. Someone was trespassing on our property and Mouse let out a bark so alarming that the person literally took off running like his pants were on fire. Another time we were in PetSmart with the kids, Mouse and one of our other dogs. A woman came around the corner and her dog lunged at my daughter and her little dog. Mouse immediately got in front of her and sat there growling. He never made a move, yet wouldn't budge. It was as if he was telling that dog and his owner to come no closer. He didn't move until that dog and his owner walked completely out of sight. He is surely a protector of this house and family.
Vinnie loves all of his dogs and puppies and that is easy to see. I love  the fact that we can stay in touch with him and keep him updated on how Mouse is doing. It's also nice that not only can we see photos of Mouse's family members, Vinnie also welcomes everyone to his home to visit his dogs! The kids and I love going online and seeing photos of Mouse's parents and grandparents. It's nice to know not only exactly where he came from but where his entire family came from.
We love our Mousey boy, Thank you Vinnie.
Sincerely, the Dietz family

Thank you Vinnie, Thank you for introducing to us, the best breed we’ve ever owned. As Eric and I have told you in the past, we love big dogs. We’ve owned two Rottweilers and an Akita. Judgement was our first experience with a Mastiff. When we were thinking about getting one, the English and Neapolitan Mastiffs were all we knew. During my searches, I came across this beautiful blue Corso. It had the body shape of a Rott but yet, the wrinkly, sad looking face Mastiffs are known to have. So of course, Eric was intrigued to learn more about them. We researched the breed, it’s temperament and the responsibilities it would take to own one. Our search led us to you. What made me decide on you was this one sentence on your website “…all my dogs are my pets and are treated as family”. We knew you were the breeder for us and you didn’t disappoint. We found it to be so impressive how you were able to introduce us to ALL of your dogs and they all shared that same excitable and easy going temperament. The decision was tough for having to choose one in that adorable litter but when we decided, we haven’t regretted it since. Thank you again for being patient with us that night as it took us FOREVER to decide. Judgement exhibits the same characteristics as your dogs. He is the most sweetest and loveable dog we’ve ever had. I’m still amazed at how such a strong, warrior-like presence can turn into a huge mush just because I gave him a hug. I've attached the before and "to date" pics of Judgement. He will be 2yrs old come January 2013 and I will forever see him as my baby boy!
Good luck with your extended family and I hope to reach out to you soon.
Debbie Marcellus-Duval
Bergenfield, NJ

A few months ago we purchased a Cane Corso from what we now know was a backyard breeder.  Our experience was horrible from the beginning.  The puppy we purchased was aggressive and the aggression continued to worsen over the short period of time we had him.  Finally, we had no choice but to get rid of the puppy at 18 weeks.  After his original breeder refused to take him back, we turned to the internet to search for Cane Corso Rescues.  In the process we came across Manganiello Cane Corso.  After the first conversation with Vinnie, we knew that he cared for not only his animals but doing the right thing for the breed as well.  We drove up to see his operation and fell in love with all of the Cane Corsos at his home.  Vinnie helped us find a suitable place for the puppy we had to part with as well as introducing us to how loveable the Cane Corso breed truly is.
At this point we were very hesitant to get involved with another puppy, however, once we made our first visit to Manganiello Cane Corso it completely changed our minds.  We felt very comfortable moving forward with the purchasing of another puppy.  We were able to meet the parents of all the litters and interact with them.  Vinnie allowed us as much time with the puppies as we needed.  He also answered any questions or concerns regarding the puppies.  It truly was a pleasant visit from start to finish.  Greeted by many full grown sweethearts as soon as we walked in the door, it was wonderful to see how a legitimate breeder operates.  All puppies were extremely well taken care of.  We chose “Gentleman Jack” now known as “Vedder”.  He is truly an angel!  Vedder has a great temperament which directly reflects the care and love he received at Manganiello Cane Corso.
We would, without a doubt, highly recommend ANYONE looking for a Cane Corso to go see his facilities. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING VINNIE!!!!
- Rich Mazzaglia, Cherry Hill area, New Jersey

We recently visited Vinnie and his beautiful dogs to choose a puppy of our own.  When considering the breed that would be best for our family, we had to do a lot of research because we have a severely autistic son.  We were looking for a dog that would be gentle and loving, yet able to interact safely with both of our children.   I have not stopped talking about Vinnie’s dogs since we met them.  I was so impressed with the gentle nature and “calming” affect the dogs had on all of us.
When we arrived at his home, Vinnie welcomed us with two of his “very large” dogs.  At first, we were a little intimidated; however, within minutes of being in the house, we all fell in love!  His dogs are extraordinary.  Even with their intimidating appearance, we felt at ease.  Vinnie’s dog, Ginger, was extremely affectionate toward our son.  She gently sought out his attention and when he sat down on the couch, she rested her head on his lap!
We have taken home our own puppy and could not be happier.  She is sweet and loving toward our whole family.  We have been taking her everywhere with us.  It is amazing how quickly she is learning and how calm she is!  Her instinctive nature to protect is already apparent, but she is very gentle and playful with our family.  We love her and are very grateful to Vinnie!
-Michele, Toms River,NJ

Thank you for Augie, our newest family member! After researching Cane Corsos and breeders we went to see Vinnie - and we are so happy we did! It is so clear he is passionate about his dogs, he was so patient and spent many hours with us, answering all our questions and letting us meet all his dogs. They are all so well socialized and it's great to be able to interact with them and get to experience the breed first hand. Once we got our puppy, Vinnie has consistently followed up with us and stayed involved - his dogs will always be a part of his family. He is the best! If you're looking for a Corso, you won't find a better experience than working with Vinnie and getting one of his awesome dogs!
Ondina and Bill

I was researching breeders when I came across Vinnie’s website, one look at Cappuccino and I knew I had to have one of Vinnie’s pups. The first time I spoke with Vinnie he was so easy to work with compared to the other breeders I had dealt with in the past, he made the whole process start to finish a breeze and I never had second thoughts as I did with other breeders. He went out of his way to help me, even to the point of driving to meet me so I could pick up my puppy.
My little Lovaryia (Lovi for short) is so amazingly calm and laid back and settled in with my other three dogs from day one. Such a sweet disposition and very quick to learn, she was house broke in one week, sits on command and is already quite the little watch dog/protector. She turns heads where ever I take her and is everything I was hoping for when I first saw Cappuccino.
I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a Cane Corso to take a serious look at Vinnie and his dogs before buying from anyone else. Vinnie I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to the next puppy we talked about.
Sheri Shaver, Franklin, NC

In May of 2010 we got our first Cane Corso.  She was all black and quite the protector.  Tragically she died at the age of six months old.  Immediately we looked for a new puppy.  We were looking for a Cane Corso without the cropped ears and were recommended to Vinnie in September 2010.  When we got to Vinnie’s you could see how much he loved his own dogs.  We were introduced to a few and saw the pride in Vinnie as each one strutted around.  Then it came time to see our puppy.  She was an 8 week old Blue Cane Corso with big floppy ears and eyes that stole our hearts.  We fell in love with her and named her Mia.  Mia is now 16 months old and is the pride and joy of our family.  Everyone that meets her is drawn towards her.  She has such a mystique and presence about her.  She’s a big girl weighing in at about 140lbs!  Could you believe she was the runt of the litter!  She has the sweetest disposition and is truly a gentle giant.  She shows so much love, affection, and protection to our family.  We are so grateful for Vinnie and Manganiello Cane Corso.  Vinnie is a terrific guy!  We would recommend Vinnie to others since he is so patient, kind and knowledgeable about the Cane Corso breed.  Thank you so much Vinnie!
Sincerely, John, Roseann, Sal, Stephanie Peritore. Long Island, NY

I have one of Vinnies Corsos. Beautiful male: dog is outstanding, great with my kids and a big mush! Very protective of our property and VERY powerful. Had a male rottie before and this corso is way stronger! Vinnie you da man! Very thankful for such a great animal and for your support after purchase!!

Jeff Ricker and Family
Butler New Jersey

My family and I had a great experience with Vinnie. He was patient, informative and friendly. We visited his home many times to visit the puppies as well as the adult dogs(did I mention he was patient?). We couldn't be happier with our Cane Corso. She is beautiful, loving and very smart. I would recommend  Cane Corso Manganiello to everyone.  Thank you Vinnie. 

Vinnie, I just wanted to write you a letter  to tell you how happy i am with my dog Mack. When I was looking at breeders i was looking for dog that would be protective of my family and  would be able to interact with kids . I knew when i went to your house and saw that you kept your dogs inside of your house  and not outside in kennels i knew i found the write breeder. I know you keep your dogs there because you view your dogs as part of your family not "business" like most other breeders. I'm sure you get plenty of letters telling you how good your pups are with there kids but i wanna  tell you how good my dog was with my grandmother. My grandmother just recently passed away and it wasn't till i was at the wake and some of my extended family saw this pic  of her and Mack and started talking about it . My grandmother was 83 and had Alzheimers disease and was deathly afraid of all dogs big and small. She loved this dog and was never afraid of her she actually use to enjoy petting her. My family was amazed and didn't believe me . I knew that this would have never been if it wasn't for you socializing your pups at such a young age,.I would go to the nursing home with mack and she would be perfectly behaved around all the people in wheel chairs and all the elderly people and never once acted out  or had an issue and she still has an open invite there as the some of the residents really enjoyed seeing her. As much as of  of good behaved dog she is if people " who don't belong at my house" don't  leave  she is willing to fight to the death to my protect my family. So what im saying is good job and thank you for breeding the best possible cane corso for my family and i  hope you continue the good work. Here is a pic of my grandmother and "Mack" on the deck of the shore house

Dear Vinnie, 
We would like to thank you for introducing us to the world of the Cane Corso.  In our opinion, our two Corsos are the ultimate family pet and having owned many of the breeds mentioned, we can tell you that they are Rottweilers without the initial destructiveness, mastiffs without the drool and toy companions without the fear of harm to their delicate frames.  Our Corsos are sweet, inquisitive, intuitive, loving and protective.  In our opinion, they are the ultimate family guardian who possess all the good traits of many other breeds rolled into one. Thank you, Vinnie!
Lou & Marie Serio, Howard Beach, NY

We purchased Dino in October 2010 from Manganiello Cane Corso. Since the first day we brought him home, Dino has been the center of attention in our house and in our neighborhood. We sought after a Cane Corso because we wanted a loyal, family guard dog. Dino has proved to be just that. The affection he gives to us everyday is endless. While weary of strangers, he greets people who he knows with lots of love. As for the breeder, Vinnie Manganiello has been responsive to questions and remains involved in Dino’s life. You can tell that he loves his dogs and is passionate about the breed. We are very happy with our purchase and would recommend this breeder to others.
Sincerely, The Laviano Family-Long Island, NY (March 20, 2011)

I couldn’t be happier with the purchase of my first Cane Corso. Vinnie at Manganiello Cane Corso has given us a great pleasure by selling us one of his puppies. Diesel has been a part of our family for two going on three years now. He is highly alert with the family and house, yet gentle as can be. He also draws a lot of attention where ever he goes. Vinnie is stand up when it comes to getting a pet and being informative and what we like most is he treats all his dog as a part of the family! You go to his house and you have 4-5-6-8- Corso lying around his house and wanting love for me and my kid! It’s a good feeling. No problems at all with Manganiello Cane Corso!!! Or Vinnie!!!!. Only very happy customer emails me with any questions.
And thanks again Vinnie!
Danny Kearny N.J. 07032

Manganiello Cane Corso
   I am writing to tell you about my companion Rocco, our Cane Corso. I have had dogs all my life and in the past years I have had several different breeds. When I worked nights I had two Rottweiler’s that would protect my family when I was gone. When we moved to the suburbs and I no longer worked nights, the kids got older we down sized the dog family and ended up with two Daschund's. When my wife's mom died we took in her mini Pinscher. Well one night we were watching the news and saw new breeds coming to the Westminster Dog Show and they showed the Cane Corso. We both were like WOW!! What a great looking breed and how it would be nice to have a big dog again! About a week after that our house was robbed, needless to say they hurt our little dogs and my wife was afraid to be home alone, so I knew there was no better time than now to get a larger dog. We thought about the different breeds and I spoke to a friend of mine that I work with who has been working with rescue dogs for over 20 years. She knows breeds well and we remembered the Cane Corso we had seen on TV and I asked her to see if she could find me a good breeder, she did her research and came up with http://www.manganiellocanecorso.com/ she told me her friends all recommended the breeder so I called and spoke to Vinnie. We talked for a while, he told me he also had Rottweiler’s at one time and said the Cane Corso was a much better breed and reassured me this breed was the right match for what we were looking for. He had a 6 month old boy that was ready to go! 
   We met with Vinnie and brought one of my dogs down to see how they would get along. It all went well so we took him home that day. Now I always had gotten puppies when they were a few months old, Rocco was 6 months and 65lbs already a big boy and just amazing looking. He was nervous - a new house, new people, new dogs and were still shaken up from our house being robbed. So the first night I slept with him in the living room on the floor, Rocco was unsettled and by the end of the night he had gotten up taken his new toys and put them on my chest, rested his head there and when I woke up he was right next to me. We spent the next day letting him meet the other dogs and the new house and yard; he really had no problems adjusting. So we're like now how's this going to work tonight with him sleeping? We bought him a large dog bed and put it right next to my wife's side of the bed and that night he when right in his bed no problem and went to sleep and goes there every night since. Also that day Vinnie had called me to see how things were going, he has been supportive in every way. He calls us to check on Rocco to see how he's doing.  
  Vinnie’s dogs are his babies; he loves them even when they are not with him anymore they are still a part of his family.
  I am so happy that we got Rocco from Vinnie!!
  Vinnie works with his dogs so you can touch their feet, mouth and ears where a lot of breeders won't take the time to do that so when you bring your dog home they are way too sensitive.
   Rocco has the look and protection instincts to keep the bad guys away but has the heart of a loving devoted companion. He has a sweet nature and the personality of a person! Everywhere we go people stop us to ask about him, recently our 7 year old niece stayed with us for a week and we were curious how Rocco would take to a new young person in the house. Well when we got home he couldn't love her enough and they played all week. Throwing around the ball, running in the back yard, when she left he cried at her bedroom door all day and was looking all over for her.
   We love Rocco very much and we're glad to have Vinnie’s support with any questions that we may have.
Vinnie it's great to have a breeder like you that we can trust.
   Thank You, Sincerely, Dan Mallozzi Sr


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