Cane Corso Males

Manganiello's Maximus
Manganiello's Sir Maximus ( the producer of champions)
Blue  male 28"tall 150 lbs DOB 10/29/05
Maximus is my baby sleeps with me in my bed every night,
he is trained for protection and is a working Corso
Owner Vincent Manganiello

Manganiello's Cappuccino (the show stopper) CCAA / ICCF Rarities Champion
Formentino Male  26 1/2 ' tall 138lbs
DOB 10/28/06
Cappuccino is our first Champion Cane Corso, Great temperament, great movement, big head big boned old school cane corso!
Owner Vincent Manganiello

Manganiello's Peanut Butter
Formentino Male, 26.5 inches, 132 lbs, DOB 10-28-06
Peanut Butter has great drive and perfect conformation and is the sweetest lil boy ...
Owners Vinnie Manganiello / David Burrel

Manganiello's Boyfriend
Blue Male 135 lbs 26' tall
Boyfriend is a few points away from being a champion
he has perfect conformation nice big head and very thick boned Corso
Date of Birth, 12/04/07
Owner Vinnie Manganiello

Manganiello's Jake the Snake
Born July 8, 2010
out of Mina and Cisco
153 lbs 28' tall

Colon's Diesel De'Manganiello
27" tall 133 lbs, born 2009

Manganiello's Massimo the Great
born 12-15-2011
Brown Brindle

Rivale Rojo
Owner Carlos Colon
Born Oct of 2007
26" tall and 135lbs Red male
We no longer own Rojo but still use him in our breeding program.

Collazo's Cisco
Champion sired (Casino)
4 years old Blue male 28" tall 148 lbs
Cisco is a very obedient Cane Corso and very protective of his family
Owner John Collazo
Collazo's Cisco
Collazo's Cisco

Capone aka Pony Boy
Formentino male, Born September 2013, 165 pounds of love 
He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet 

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