Cane Corso Females

Manganiello's Bella Mina Carina
Blue female 142lbs 25' tall
Mina is our baby she is a sweet and loving Corso, and looks after our house and property
Owner Vinnie Manganiello
Date of birth 10/28/06

Manganiello's / Fedelis's Ginger
formentinio female  107 lbs 24' tall
Ginger is the sister of Cappuccino and Peanut Butter and is a very sweet girl just like her brothers
Owners, Vinnie Manganiello/ Isreal Sanchez / John Callozo
Date of birth, 10/29/06

Bel Monte Delilah De Manganiello
Solid Black Female 127lbs 25' tall
Date of birth 6/20/07
Delilah is a very large female with great drive,
She is the half sister to corso of the year for 2007 and has a impeccable pedigree.
Owner, Vinnie Manganiello

Manganiello's Lola
"she is a showgirl"
Owners Vinnie Manganiello and Sergio Allegretti
born Nov 16 of 2007
24" tall and 105lbs Fomentino female
Lola has won numerous shows and is a few points from being a champion
We have to thank Carlos Colon, for Lola and all the time he spent training her

Collazo's Carina
produced numerous champion Cane Corso
4 1/2 year old blue brindle female  24" tall  102 lbs
Carina is a very sweet Corso's and loves her family and produce some of our best litter and Champion Cane Corso
owner John Collazo
Collazo's Carina
Collazo's Carina

Collazo's Foxy Gabbanna De Manganiello
Blue Female
Fox is one of our new breeding female we plan to put her in some Dog shows this upcoming year
Owners, Vinnie Manganiello and John Collazo

Manganiello's Amber (Amber-lee)
Red Female 112lbs
DOB 10/12/09
Amber is a very sweet girl and will be in the show ring real soon.

Manganiello's Lilly Girl (Little Girl)
70 lbs 22' tall
Owner Bianca Manganiello

Yardleys Zombie
26" 127lbs, born 2009
Big and sweet blue brindle girl.

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